Friday, May 28, 2010

Joy School Graduation

This Last week Tasia had a Graduation from her preschool called Joy School. When Tasia was asked what she liked the most about Joy School she said :"Dancing". We had lots of fun this year.

This is what Tasia said about her family in this book they made ( I can't quote, Tasia misplaces the book) but it went something like this: My Name is Tasia I am 4 years old. I have One Mom, One Dad, One AJ and one brother. I have two brothers. It was funny to hear her include her unborn brother into the family already.

We are in the Joy School Dance

Good thing we got a picture of her Joy School Certificate because it has been already cut into pieces.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Precents From G-ma

Here is what Grandma Lidiya gave to AJ for his birthday!

Cool Tricycle and Tasia had to get something so we got her a Tinkerbell Camping Chair!

Surprises along the way!!!

Tasia loves surprising Mom whenever we are on the walk with a wonderful bouquets of dandelions. She says:
 " Mom, I have a surprise for you, I make you happy". "Now give me a flower and make me smile".

Friday, May 14, 2010

My little dancer!!!

This is my little dancer in her whole glory!!! Oh how she loves to dance!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

I decided to dedicate this post to my wonderful Mom Lidiya. I sometimes feel like I don't do enough for her when it comes to Mother's Day or birthdays since she is an ocean away. So, this time it is for you MOM.
First of all on this day thank you for giving me life and raising me the best that you could. AND Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! I have the best Mom in the world, she is not only my Mom but a best friend that have always been there for me. I love you Mom and can't wait to see you soon in July!!!

My husband Jim did a fabulous job taking these pictures on Mother's Day. Thank you sweetie!!!




Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday at Grandma's

This Sunday we celebrated AJ's birthday with the Family! Grandma made this cute monkey cake, looks a lot better then mine.

Percents from Grandma and Grandpa

AJ loves his new Tomas the Train toys!!!

AJ also got the cute outfit from Grandma but since it was not a toy he was not going to have a [picture taken with it.

I am also glad that all three of us have our own guitars now! I hope this will eliminate some of the fighting for the pink guitar and maybe, just maybe AJ will stop trying to tune mine.

AJ also got some cool toys that he can build with his own power tools and screw drivers from his aunt Carolyn.

Rocking our with the Guitar!

AJ's Birthday

AJ's second Birthday came too fast!!! I can't believe he such a big boy! I still see him as a baby every time iIlook at him.

This year we did not do a kid party as we usually do for our kids, I just don't think I could handle it on my own. So we celebrated  just with our little family. I made the cake and (with Lead's direction and help) tried to decorate it. I am really not that good at it, but I try.

AJ got  PJ's for the summer

A percent from Tasia that AJ picked out for himself- he calls it BITE ( I am assuming because of the claw)

New to us, toddler bed (thanks to our friend Lenette form Dad's work)
He absolutely loves it! Every time he sees it he says, My BIG bed!!!

And His Present from Mom and Dad, BIG CAR!!! 
This can was a little more work to put together then we thought, it really tried AJ's patience during the time of assemblence.

After about an hour of waiting it was done!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just kids

Here are some pics of my kids

AJ during Joy School (Tasia's preschool that parents take turns teaching).

AJ's favorite vacuum. It is the vacuum that does not suck worth poo. Now it is the outside toy.

My little helper. Today I was mowing the lawn and AJ with his lawn mower LOVEs to Help.

Resting after Hard Work. He looked so cute sitting there on the rocks.

It was AJ's Birthday yesterday. I will do a post on that soon. But this is the car that he got.

Vacuum and I-BEST BUDDIES!!!

The other Day Tasia was getting Private Dance lessons at our house. She LOVES dance. I have a great teacher across the street that comes almost every week and teaches Tasia some cool moves, she even dresses her up and does her hair. I know you all wonder who it is.

Here she is Tasia's favorite girlfriend Shentelle

Last but not least. Tasia is riding as she calls it her two wheeler all on her own. We are so proud of her.

Women's Conference at BYU

Last Thursday and Friday my girlfriends and I got a chance to go to BYU women's conference. Even thought I had an emotional brake down the night before on the topic of leaving my baby AJ, it all passed when I hoped into a car full of fun and crazy women (I am talking about Audra, her Mom, Leah and her Mom). WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! I had the flashbacks of life before kids, I mean BYU. I really enjoyed the messages from the inspired speakers and learned a lot how to be a better Mom.

Overflow of the session called "What matters Most". No doubt everybody whats to know what does matter most?

Leah and I. Gush I am getting round in my face, Leah, can I have yours?

Eating cafeteria food. Some of it was OK!

Me, Audra AND Leah at the Marriott Center

Early Morning

Leah and her Mom were anxiously engaged in the humanitarian knitting project.

Audra when she is awake, always smiling!!! I have something to learn here.

Crazy as Can be!