Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting the charity together and family stuff

Kids are being good so I will blog:

Let's see, where to start. Well everyone is doing good. Tasia is enjoying kindergarten, I love volunteering there as well. Recently Tasia has been moved to level " I" for her reading. I don't really know a ton about all the levels except that her reading books are becoming harder and harder, now she is reading chapters. She is doing really good! What an easy kid - school wise.

AJ is enjoying Joy school,  he is a  kind  that you have to bribe to do his homework. But he is learning. A lot more effort needs to be put here. He is the sweetest kid I know. He is so tender and CUTE!

Quinn is our little trouble boy, but we still love him. He is into everything and everywhere, it is a hard age 18 months. We can't wait until he can communicate a little better.

As for Mom and Dad, we are still working on getting those tickets to Ukraine. We have decided that only some of us are going to be going, probably Olya, Quinn and might be AJ (ticket and taxes prices are outrageous for overseas flight, they have to charge half of the amount of the ticket for taxes). But we are excited!

I have also have some great News! I have got the people together who are going to be helping me with the charity and WE ARE DOING IT!!! So excited to be doing this work! Since I have been finding out more about how to help orphanages and other places I can tell you I am very grateful for American People who sacrifice a lot of time and money for orphans in Ukraine! What a blessing!!! These orphanages are doing SO MUCH better! There are so many programs organized by inspired people! What an example!

I am really excited to get this Charity going and start raising funds and supplies to make a difference in someone ease's life. There is a lot of need in the hospitals particularly. Kids stay there for months and in a lot of cases those kids who are orphans that stay there don't get visited and basically left for the hospital to take care of. Now in Ukraine hospitals ran by the government, so that means that if you don't have any connections, you don't get a lot.

I have been volunteering with this one orphanage by translating the letters from American kids into Russian for the orphans and I have realized a lot of things that we take for granted. Kids with parents go to new places, they see new things, they play sports and go swimming and much more- those are the things orphans don't get to do. But maybe, just maybe we can do something about it to get those orphans running, playing and smiling. I have a lot of ideas now!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Header for a Charity

This is a name for a Charity that i am making. And this is going to be a header on the Charity blog if I can make it work that is. If you look at the image without the words, you will be looking at the Ukrainian flag.

Veggie Eaters

Life has been so busy, I don't even know where to start! Well I will start with this picture, here Tasia is getting ready to go to Star Wars birthday party of her friend. She was so excited about it, she wanted me to dress her and make her hair like princess Lea. She was the only girl there but I think she had a blast.

This is a picture of Tasia using her amazing creativity. Sometimes she comes up with all these cool things, it amazes me. I was talking on Skype with my Mom and kids got bored, so Tasia made elephant years and trunks and tails for her and AJ. Then she went and made a paper elephant for AJ and hung in his room. She knows her brothers love elephants and she was trying to be such a sweet sister.

Well, this one is very self explanatory. QUINN is being Quinn. Climbing everywhere, eating everything and after everyone. That is what he does well.

Quinn also LOVEs baths. He takes one everyday, sometimes twice a day.\

The other day I found this boy sneaking around eating vegetables I got ready for dinner. Other kids may be sneaking around and stealing cookies, this one anything he can get. It was amazing how he was stuffing himself with all the greens.

Well, of course then my broccoliosorus AJ needed to be the center of broccoli eating as well. He can;t just let Quinn get all the praise and glory to himself.

Tasia can't stand broccoli so she needed to be in for the veggie eating party and she devoured cucumbers, I did not mind it is a veggie too:)

Oh yes, this is our new pet Buzz Light Year the hamster.

So, kids are doing well, Mom and Dad too. We have a couple new things that are going on.

First: I am thinking about doing a Charity for needy and orphan kids in Ukraine.  I am so excited to do something like that. Right now I am going through a process of making this charity legal and I am thinking of calling it "We are His hands". Since we are planing on going to Ukraine this Spring I wanted to see if I could rise money to help those kids in the needs that they have and also be there for them to feel like they are Special and that they are important and not forgotten.

Living in this country I have learned a lot of how people help each other. I have an amazing neighbor who opened a local charity and whenever there is a loss in the families in our neighborhood this charity pulls everyone together to help those in need. I always have thought how AWESOME this is , that people , no matter how rich or poor, no matter what profession they are can get together and share LOVE and support with those who really need it.

I really feel like Ukraine and people there can learn to do the same. Even when they don't have much, we can learn to sacrifice something for someone who needs it more then we do.

Second: Jim's therapy seems to pick up speed. He had some new clients that have been very impressed with the therapy. He has opened a Saturday in Saratoga Springs and a Wednesday night at Cottonwood Hights. We are very excited for more people to find out about the Myofascial Release therapy and how it can help them with their pain. It also has been very exciting to see these people get better.