Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Update!

Winter used to be one of the most not so favorite seasons of the year for me. I remember back in the summer I used to dread upcoming winter, cold and all that comes with it. I did not even want to think about the most wonderful time of the year- Christmas. But it seems to be a LOT better this year.

Photography has slowed down, giving me a chance to give my house one big WET cleaning. I am one of those weird people who cleans for satisfaction. In one day, a week ago, I washed all the carpets and carpet cleaned all the couches. It was a long, wet day but it is done! Yey. Now I can feel accomplished. It has been nice to just have more time to play with kids, and get ready for Christmas.

Since we did not do a family letter with our Christmas Cards I was going to give everyone an update here:

Jim is working on his business. He put a lot of work on this web site that explains more about What Myofascial release is and what it treats. Check it out.
and trying to work more on each symptom that he treats. He truly believes that this new therapy will help a LOT of people and will change medicine ( some day). During a short time that he has practiced Myofascial Release he had already successfully treated patients with chronic pain and other issues. My Mom's tumor has dissipated only after a couple of treatments. Right now he has a breast cancer patient who chosen to only do Myofascial release therapy and other non invasive treatment. She is always in our prayers.

I started volunteering more at Mountain Trails Elementary. I absolutely love it. Photography has slowed down a little, giving me a chance to catch up with other things that need to get done. I started teaching Tasia some Russian. We are mastering the alphabet and now Tasia is working on reading. We watch Russian movies and listen Russian songs.

Tasia is Loving Kindergarten. She is reading like a pro and now corrects Mom when she get a chance. We are still working on comprehending the books we read and paying attention, but other then that life is good.

AJ is enjoying Joy School. He is working on his ABC's and now he knows how to spell his name. He still is very much into helping Mom with cooking and baking.

Quinn is a typical 15 months old. In other words he is into everything, especially climbing. I often find him standing on top of the dinner table, or roaming around with big chair that he brings everywhere with him to reach the things I don't want him to reach.

We are very much enjoying this Christmas Season and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.