Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleep time

The other day Jim took a picture of AJ sleeping, or just laying while I tried to sleep. Usually by the time I need to get up I have Tasia and AJ with me in the bed, they just can't stand it when I sleep.

I should have been taking pictures at all the interesting places that I find Tasia in our bedroom. Every night that we wake up we wonder where she might be. We found here on the floor by our bed quite frequently, but last night she managed to fall asleep under the chair that was under the desk. What is that little girl thinking while finding her new beds in the middle of the night I REALLY DON'T KNOW!!!

I should not probably post the picture of me in bed, but AJ looks too cute to pass it up.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WARNING, this post contains too much chocolate!!!

We finally received little package with Delicious Ukrainian Chocolate, and a Pink Dress for Tasia ans some other percents from our Grandma Lidiya. Tasia was very excited to get to eat all that chocolate.

MMMMM the yummiest Post Ever!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am trying to be good at posting something every week ...

I am trying to be good and do a post or two a week, because I know that my Mom checks this blog more often then I do posts on them, and I understand why, if the only grandchildren I had lived overseas I would do the same.

These past couple of weeks were hard, but I hope(crossing my fingers) that it is all over. It started with Tasia being sick, flu or H1N1 we don't know, probably, not like we are going to test for it:) Poor girl was so tired she spent the entire day in bed, and next day she seemed better but it was not quite over. I still remember giving her a bath and looking into her eyes that were constantly half way closed. That was weird thing, don't want to see it again.

Then AJ, he is the hard one when it comes to being sick. As you can imagine how an 18 month old does during sickness, no naps but WINE, WINE, WINE... we spent a lot of time together snuggling, the best part of being sick.

Then Jim, he had a fever for a couple of days as well, I begged him to stay home, but he was swamped at work, or if you know Jim, he is a very loyal employee, even if it takes everything out of him.

Friday night Jim calls me and lets me know that he is on his way home. I ran to visit my friend and stayed there a while. I came home and realized that I had multiple messages from Jim saying call me Back, PLEASE!!! As I call him I find out that my poor husband was stuck all that time at the gas station, still not recovered from previous cold and in pain from food poisoning. Yes and the story of a broken car never ends in our case.... I so hope we can get a newer one one day... so have you heard enough of the complaining already, during this wonderful Thanksgiving Time..... :):):)

But no matter what, We still have our families, home, food on the table for which I am indeed very grateful.

This is a picture of AJ just before beating this pan with the meat tenderizer you see next to him. He loves loud noises and I only let him do it so I can actually cook dinner.

Our Winter outing, I am Grateful for friends that get me out of the house .

I love it when Tasia get's jealous because I take AJ's pictures, so she was being super nice and cute for hers.

And If you don't already know, I am giving away 50$ Gift Certificate for my photography if you post a link of Endless Memories Photography on your blog or face book I will enter you into a drawing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tasia is getting into the AGE OF WHY?

Mom,( getting changed into a comfortable work put pants): "wait Tasia, I need to change my pants"
Tasia: "Why, did you pee in them?"

This week I have been teaching Joy School, I always look forward to it, because I just love doing all the fun things with 4 year olds. I find if I keep them busy they keep me happy.

Last Wednesday I accidentally got to teach Thanksgiving lesson where we got a chance to make these cool turkeys. Kids had so much fun and I did too.

Today they learned about service, we made cookies and took them to a neighbor and we went to rake leaves. I am so glad that I can be there when my kid learns what work and service is.

I Love Caden's smile in this picture.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tasia is back at Ballet

I am very late on my posts. These last couple of weeks I have been trying to live in a Moment and enjoy my life, rather then running from one pint of it to another as I have been doing all Fall.

The Photography buisness has slowed down a lot, well from being completely booked to not booked at all, but I spent these couple of weeks enjoying being a Mom and anjoying being at home and not stressing about my job. I spent most of my day in PJ's taking care of my sick kids and relaxing to a lot of movies. I miss all of that fun when I run from one appointment to another.

About a week and a half ago we finally took Tasia back to ballet. She was super excited. We did her hair and put her leotard on, she could hardly wait.

Tasia was very excited to have another great teacher Annie , she is our neighbor. Whenever people talk to her about her ballet she says, do you know who my teacher is? Then she answers her own question: "McKinley's Mom, Annie".

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This year, as every other year we get together with our family and take our kids trick-or-treating in Midvale. We had lots of fun with Marissa this year, we were very glad Karen brought some of her kids here for Halloween.

Some people is Jim's home word are really into Halloween, is a good way. They decorate their whole house, and let everyone go inside . In the house they had dressed up people sitting very still, like they are not alive, as soon as a kid reaches for a candy from the bowl they might scare you. I absolutely love that house, we know the people and every time I reach for a candy I know what is going to happen and I STILL JUMP like a 5 year old.

They also had this cool spider, Tasia was terrified of it. Poor girl had a dream about it today that she was scared of it and that I was there and I bit his head off.

This is a picture of Usual beating on Andrew. Well, it starts with him jumping on Jim and ends with beating Andrew:)

AJ was so cute as a bat, it was nice and worm costume, thanks to my neighbor Annie who let us borrow it.

The time or trick-or-treating was way past AJ's bed time, but he was so good. He even tried the best the coulgdto say "Trick -or-Treat" it came out something like "Ticatee", it was so cute. Other times he just stood there on the porch garbing as much cndy as he could.