Friday, March 25, 2011

Hike to Ensign Peak

Last week-end we wanted to  do something outdoor so we decided to show my friend Natasha the Ensign Peak. I have never been there so it was the first time for me as well. We hiked up to the top of the mountain, the view was amazing!!! You could see pretty much everything, Capital, Downtown and even The Great Salt Lake!!! it was fun to have Natasha with us she took some pictures of our family!!!






On Monday we attended our first Bishop rick Family home evening with our new Bishop Marshall. Kids had a ton of fun doing a scavenger hunt and they got to find a treasure chest with cool stuff. Then we kicked it off with some Rock Band! It was awesome to see Brother Genteel and Brother Marshal as a Band!!! Lots of fun. AJ also got a chance to play the guitar. He has been very much into a guitar recently. We might need to get his a new one for his birthday without strings, otherwise they get cut off.

Leah took this one of me playing Rock Band

 AJ playing Rock Band with an eye patch

This week we also had a Beautiful RS birthday party. I was asked to give a talk on Celebrating our Life and the Life of Christ!!! I thought oh, easy, I can do that with my eyes closed. I even got my thoughts written down 2 weeks before, I thought I was set. WELL, not so fast, the day before I am looking over my talk and feeling that I need to add some scriptures and direct my scattered thoughts into one place. WELL, I had no idea that would be little harder then I thought. But I loved the time I got with the scriptures and my thoughts alone. I also thought that it would be cool to sing "Words I would Say" by Sidewalk prophets. It would be cool, and intimidating and nerve racking, BUT I DID IT!!! I am proud of myself that I was able to overcome my fear... yeay...




It is funny, you know when you are asked to speak at Church about something and you know that you will have to live through some experiences to prove yourself that what you are talking about you are living. So, I talked about The steps of Being happy and Celebrating every day. Now I think I am being tried if I stay happy when financial problems come along. This week Jim hurt his back and had to skip a day at work, then on Friday he had no patients and on Monday he has Jury Duty, does it really have to happen within one week? Seriously. When I ask Jim if we are going to be OK, he Says : " we are doing what we are suppose to be doing, Lord will take care of us". A lot of times I find that he has more Faith then I do, I am grateful for my hubby.

This is Tasia Ice Scating
ice scating

Quinn's 7 months old pictures at the park.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

What we have been up to

well, it has been a while, time to update...
It has been a fun couple of weeks.Some of my girlfriends and i decided to train for a triathlon this summer. I thought it would be a great motivation to get back in shape. We have been swimming, running (up to 3 miles) and working out every day. ( well except for a day when I did not sleep at night because AJ wouldn't stop coughing and because of it threw up all over our bed), but on the good days. It has been my new motivation!!!

Last week, we had a Field Trip to Sweet;s candy factory in Salt lake. Kids had a lot of fun wearing goofy hear nets and sampling candy and watching hot it is made. I will admit, it is very interesting, even for Moms like me who have never been in the candy factory. Our tour guide told the kids that as soon as they are 18 they can come work at the candy factory and eat as much candy as they want every day.
After that Tasia kept asking me on the way home : "How old do I need to be to work int he candy factory?" I am thinking great!!!My kid will grow up and work at the candy factory!!!

The time is also coming close for us to go to Hawaii!!! We are so excited! We got the snorkeling gear in the suit case already!!! 

I have been taking a brake from using my camera, sometimes I feel like if I bring it with me everywhere I go I have to treat it like a 4th child, for which I am way not ready. So I have been very camera less and don;t have a ton of new pics.

I don't think I have even posted these ones of Quinn



The one on the left is my fav, he has such a chubby chubby face!!!




Well, I guess another NEW thing that i am going to be doing is WEDDINGS! Will see how that goes but I am wanting to give in another try. Here are some pics I have done couple of year s ago of my friend Kristina



 These are a bit more traditional then what i usually do, but i took her to my favorite place in the Af canyon where i had my bridal shoot. It is gorgeous out there.




Friday, March 4, 2011

things I learn along the way

It has been an extremely busy week, like any other one I guess. But I am loving life, because I am alive and I have unbelievable friends and neighbors. I love meeting new people and I love learning things from them. I am Grateful for the circumstances that Got has put me into and for the People that I got a chance to meet. When my friend Audra was mooing this week I realized that the most important things in life besides relationship with God and family, it is relationships with friends that we will take with us after we die. Those are the things that matter most in life.

Never in my life I have learned things that benefited finding joy in my life like in Eagle Mountain. I have been blessed with friends I met and they have taught me many things. If not for Leah I would have never knew that making a dinner for somebody would answer their prayers. If not for Rebekah I would have never learned the art of canning and self reliance. If not for Consuela I would never know how to entertain people and (still don't know) how to cook a delicious dinner.
If not for Audra I would have never learned how to love every single child you see, I would have never learned putting others needs first before your own, I would have never been myself as I am when she is around. I wanted to say I would have never learned mooning people, but I haven't tried that Yet.
The list could continue, but you get the point. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all of you what I know, you play much bigger role in my life then you realize.