Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is not so picture perfect

I know I always try to take pictures that reflect the best in life, cute kids, beautiful families, fun times so on and so forth. Perfect is how it looks a lot on the pictures. This post is not about that.

A lot of people I know (most of them are Ukrainian) think that "there are no cats in America and the streets are covered with cheese" that is if you were a cat. But I hope you know what I am saying.  A lot of people think that everything is perfect and beautiful ALL THE TIME  here in U.S. Sometimes when I tell my Mom that we have been sick with strep 3 times this winter she will have something new to tell those naive people who think American children don't get sick. Can you believe it? Well, that is what it looks like from far away. I wish, we wouldn't get sick, I wish my house and car was always spotlessly clean and children looked groomed and not snotty all the time. Well, maybe someone out there, you  have to be really OUT there who thinks that everything is BEAUTIFUL and Perfect but not in my house.

 Last week I felt like giving Tasia a haircut and this is how she looks on a good day, not every day


Tasia's new haircut

This is Quinn he is 4 months old now, and he is always that cute :)


I enjoy this baby a lot. He just today learned how to blow raspberries



Quinn loves taking baths, it is my favorite time with him too



We have this ritual that we do with our kids every day before bed. First we read books to them. Then we read scriptures, pray and then we sing their favorite songs to them. They can't go to bed without each of those things.


Now as I said before we got strep again. This is the third time this winter. Sometimes i wonder what i do wrong for us to be sick all the time. Today I come from showering and see this, watching a movie. She is suppose to be laying in bed sick and she does this?


Monday, January 10, 2011

After Holidays Catching up

Celebrations don't end after Christmas and New year. We had a blast party at Audra's house that we will never forget. Then after all the holidays are over we still spent weeks celebration Tasia's birthday many different ways.

First on the morning of her birthday we opened a present from grandma Lidiya


 then she opened a present from Mom and dad


then since we did not have any parties scheduled Tasia wanted to have a tea party with her friends



not all her girlfriends could come so we had to have another one next day


Tasia made some mini cupcakes with the set grandma Susan gave her for Christmas




On the New Year's Day we celebrated Tasia's birthday at grandparent's house. Grandma Susan made this beautiful cake for her.

Princess cake1

princess cake

Shu-Shu pet and a car from aunt Josie and uncle Mike


 Cute outfits from Grandma Susan


Then Just this last Saturday we had a Polar Express Birthday party for Tasia and her friends

 kids pretended to ride the homemade Polar Express


decorated gingerbread cookies




we had lots of fun. it was fun to see kids that were excited about Polar Express as my kids were. Fun Fun.
 Well, I think we are up to date now, almost

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a Great Christmas!!!

Nothing like our kids anticipating Christmas made it unforgettable!!! I admit I was not looking forward to upcoming winter. Last one (when Jim was in school) got me little bit depressed, so I was worried the same will happen this year. I thought Christmas will make it better but nothing more. Well, so far I have not been bored even for a minute. I love it when My friends keep me busy and my kids as well. Now it is kind of hard to be bored with three kids, Photography business and on the side job.

This Christmas was one of the more unforgettable ones. Tasia was getting us all excited. She asked me practically every day, is it Christmas yet? And when it came she definitely had ants in her pants. On Christmas Eve at the dinner table she keept asking me, "Mom, when did aunt Carolyn said Santa was going to come?" I said after you are asleep. "Can you wake me up then", I said of cores not!.

After kids were in their beds on Christmas Eve, Jim and I still had a TON of things to do. About 30 min later I was mopping the floors by Tasia's room and I hear her : "Who's there?" in hopes for A Fat Guy with a beard.

We took time to teach our kids more about True meaning of Christmas and it was amazing to see the changes in their attitudes. They loved giving Gifts for Jesus, by serving others.

Tasia and AJ with their ctockings

Quinn's First Christmas




This year for Christmas Jim and I decided to do symbolic percents for each other, since we are saving (paying off school debt) some cash to go to Jim's Myofascial release seminars in Hawaii. It is going to be our Anniversary and Christmas presents for each other. So I was looking forward to see kids open their toys and patiently waiting for April when we get to leave the kids and enjoy some son in Kauai. I used to looking forward to what I get for Christmas, but now since I have kids things have changed.

We loved when Grandparents come for breakfast on Christmas morning. It became our new tradition since last year.

AJ and his new Buzz

AJ was also very into Thomas the Train recently. Grandma and Grandpa gave him a cool set with trains and tracks. He absolutely loves them. I often hear him screaming Chaga- Chaga- ChOOO- CHOOO through the whole house