Monday, March 30, 2009


It has been way too much fun to travel this Spring and get away from the bitter cold weather here in Utah county. We had decided that planning in advance works out the best, so two of Jim's siblings were going to go with us on this trip. Jim's family used to come here every year for vacations, although he does not remember much, cince after he was born the long destination vacations has ceased. That is why we are organizing our own trips now. After long planning, a week from the planned trip Jim's older brother won the Trip to Las Vegas absolutely free and decides not to go(trading Vegas for this beauty?.too bad:)

Kids were so excited the night before the trip. We found Tasia in the Living room sitting in the backpack waiting. AJ absolutely loved to travel in one too. You can see him smiling here with Mom.

We are Ready for the Advertures!Bring it ON!

Somebody on the road offered to take a picture of all of us, Carolyn was not very greatful:)

Next arch on our plan to visit- Sand Dune arch. The funnest place for kids, where they can play in the sand and for older ones where they can hike on the top of the arch. AJ loved having his toes in the sand, he smiles the whole time. Tasia and Dad climed into a cavity in the rock and hid there. Carolyn stayed in the sun and away from the camera

Time to put the shoes on

Our plans for lunch were to spot at he picnic area. We did not get the table after the bus full of French tourists took all the spots. We found our personal log under the tree to have a picnic at.

Daddy and Tasia having bonding time

On the way to the Delicate Arch, Tasia was so worried that Mom and Dad left ahead without her, she tried to run and fell, scraping her palms and knees. Dad had to go make it better. By the time Carolyn, AJ and I returned she was on her way to sleepy land.

After half the day in the sun the kids fell asleep, as usual . Carolyn was so nice to let Jim and I go see other arches and hike while she watched kids sleep. Jim and I enjoyed our hikes alone, we were glad we could do that because some of them were hard to do holding on with your hands and feet.

It was so much fun at the Arches with the whole family and a sister in law to help. We feel vacationed out for the moment and looking forward to spent some quiet days at home . On the way home we stopped at the Goblin Valley. The weather was supposed to be nice, with some wind. The only think we did not know, that the wind in the desert turns into a painful and not so pleasant dust storm and cut our Goblin Valley trip littel short.

Tasia was terrified that the wind might blow her away, in fact she was shore it was about to happen, so she was holding on to somebody at all times. AJ hated the wind as well. The adults had enough fun after we got the sand in all the exposed crevices of our bodies. On that note we were ready to get home and take showers.
We made it to Helper( a little city in the mouth of the canyon), when they closed the canyon because of the heavy snow storm(that is after being in about 65 degree weather in Goblin Valley), It is a Desert, go figure.
So we were stuck at Wall Mart, waiting out the weather. The storm has passed and at about 7 pm Sunday evering we made it Home! Now we feel vacationed out for a couple of month and it is a good thing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter is coming

It is almost Easter Time, Tasia can't wait for worm weather and Lot's of candy already.

Here are our sweet children. This is what I wait for all day:)

In our family we decided to go places this year and see the beautiful Utah. This week-end we are doing the round trip again to Moab and Goblin Valley. We are so excited!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Family Vacation

It was the spare of the moment idea, when Jim got Monday Off we had to do SOMETHING! We wanted to get away. There were lots of choices but I am glad we got to Discover Zion's National Park as a family. It started with us brain storming fun things to do Like Lava Hot Springs, Lake Powell(next time we have $2000 to spare to rent a house boat) , I suggested Zion's. It was in our vacation plans last year but we ended up doing something else instead, so there it was Zions. Ok, the decision was finally made, and there we were all of a sudden trying to get all the things together. I am glad we went I was a hassle to pack so fast, but we were on our way Sunday- 2 pm. We left early(so to speak) in hopes to get to the park the same day, but the sun was setting down and we spayed in the hotel till the next morning. I was up and ready at 7 am(unusual for me). I guess excitement did, get me up.

About 9 in the morning we were ready to go. it had not wormed up that much YET. That is why kids were dressed worm and Dad was playing Tuff.

Tasia and her Pringles hand in hand. She still looks clean here. I should have taken the picture of her clothes Before and After. Shortly speaking we had to thow away the pants. The orange stains never came off.

Sweet AJ was so good during the 5 hour drive and the hikes, he was a big sport.

Tasia was being sweet for pictures, we all know how it is in real life;)

In that Huge hurry, I still can't beleive that i fogrot the Telephoto lens. All I had was my portreit 85 mm, and it was very hard to do ceinic shots with. Well, this was the best I got.

Daddy's favourite thing was posing for pictures(wink, wink). I said :"if you want your wife to be happy, you have to stop for pictures).

Our River Side Hike. We saw squirrels THAT WOULD not get off the road, even if you almost run them over with the stroller; deer grazing and walking like they are pet. it was cool to see all the wildlife and get closer to nature.

Playing in the MUD. The snow was just melted, but it did not bug Tasia a bit. I took my feel out of there in 3 seconds, I think they became numb.

Weeping Rock Hike. Beautiful place.

And as a side note, if you want to go to Zion's, make sure you are married, otherwise, it is Jail time