Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catching up on two years of not blogging might be hard

It has been more that 2 years since I have blogged on here, so much has happened. I kind of gave up on it since it was taking so long to post and upload, but yesterday we had a family home evening about Family History and Genealogy, I decided to show my kids our last trip to Ukraine so we went to my blog. It was a blessing to see so many pictures of my grandma Olya (who passed away a year and a half ago) playing with kids we have. I also realized how crazy it was of me to take two little kids and hop on the airplane to Ukraine, that I probably would have though twice about that now, realizing how hard it was. Looking back at my life, kind of fast forwarding I am realizing that through hardships come blessings. No matter how hard it is going through a challenge, one day I imagine we will look through our lives and will see the whole picture, we all will have that:" Aha" moment and understand why we had to go through the things we went through and why Heavenly Father did not deliver us and made things easier in some places.

I am so grateful for the Gospel in my life, it makes this life worth living worth fighting for and not giving up. If you want to know more about the plan of Happiness that God has for you look here:
it will make your life complete.

If I did not take a chance and go to Ukraine and see my family, even though it was very hard I wouldn't have had this memory and picture of Quinn and grandma to show him one day.

After Grandma Olya passed away My Mom was feeling lonely, so we invidet her to come visit us that winder. And All of us went to Disneyland!!! We had soo much fun!

 Funny to see Quinn is diapers back then.

 WE love the ocean!

 I never realized how fun it is to watch your kids meet the characters! Whinny the Pooh is Quinn's favorite, we even call him Quinny the Pooh

 And everybody wants to meet Mater!

 We also sent Grandma to space! She came back OK:)

 In line to fly with Peter Pan.

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