Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Trip to Ukraine part I

Wow, it has been like a month since we have been back and I am getting to posting this only now.
We are back from Ukraine. We had such a great time, but a month away from home is a long time so we are happy to be back.

The flight with kids went OK, they were good for the most part. The only time I had a problem is when Quinn took a nap right as we were taking off and then was awake, bounding on my lap ALL night long.
I had bruises on my legs, my Mom thought I was tortured. But I was not the only Mom on the overseas plane with kids, there was a Mom with three children and I think they might have been all under 3.

Here we are safe and sound in the country of Ukraine fighting jet lag. We were waking up at 4  in the morning starving for a whole week. So at about 6 am kids wanted to play.

I love those simple playground equipment. I know you could get hurt, but it is so much fun!

This picture make me motion sick and dizzy

The sandbox that they boys spent a LOT of time in. Surprisingly no cat poo, just cigarette buds.

These swings without anything in the front were kinda weird. Well, I guess there is one thing they teach Ukrainian children- if you won't keep yourself safe the swing won't ether.

Here is AJ who took a liking and ate Quail eggs for breakfast!!!

Going to the Kharkov Zoo. 

Some of the things that I miss about Ukraine are it's parks and greenery. There are forests that you drive by that never end and beautiful rivers.

I have to enlarge this one and put it on my wall. These two a hard to photograph, they are just too busy every time.

Here are boys enjoying tulips at the zoo

Trying to sit still with G-ma Lidiya for a picture


Little house that kids loved to play in.

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