Monday, August 24, 2009

This is going to be one big post. We have been having so much fun this summer. Growing a garden and flowers has been a hard and rewording job.

Couple of days ago AJ got a hair cut, because his mop was getting longer and longer and I was tempted to do pony tails on him a lot. Dad and I agreed that it would be better for a little boy to be more clean cut rather then start long hair at this age.

After I buzzed AJ's hair, Tasia wanted me to buzz hers. Well, we ended up trimming Tasia's hair too and it turned out pretty cute.

This is my girl having fun with the flowers.

My favorite

This one too

These pictures are from today, I was listening to some Russian music (Alla Pugacheva), Tasia's favorite for dancing. She just does not stop dancing and I can't help it but do it with her.

So, we cranked the CD player to it's highest volume and began dancing on our front lawn, who cares what the neighbors will think, right???

I wish I had the video of this, we had so much fun!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

It has been soooo long!!!

I feel like I have not been blogging and that I have abandoned my friends here. I am so sorry it has been stressful couple of weeks with the upcoming wedding that I was shooting I am finally coming out of it,,, I have learned a couple of lessons

First how much I am thankful to be a stay at home Mom, I just can't live without my kids. I spent a day without my family while shooting the wedding and the reception and I felt like a professional woman and all of that, but when I CAME HOME I realized that none of that really matters. All I really want and need in my life is to spent my precious time with my children and husband. I realized that I need to stick with that what makes me happy: my Family and ONLY Family Photography for that Matter. NO MORE WEDDINGS!!! Here I have been there, I have knows a couple of photographers who said I don't do weddings and wondered why??? This is where you actually can make money... Now I know, I DON"T DO WEDDINGS!!! It is too much to explain, all you have to do is to try to shoot one and you will know if you are a Wedding Photographer or Not. I am not, too much stress, headache and pain in the butt. Like my sister in law said: If you can't get inside the people's mind you won't really know what they want. So there, enough has been said:)

Since the wedding I have not picked up my camera in almost 2 weeks, crazy, now I am starting to miss it ... I am excited to do some kids and newborns in a next little while, these little guys really do make me happy.

Anyhow, last week-end we went on a camp out with our Old Word now, It was great, the first time we actually went on a camp with our word is when were were not the part of it anymore... But that is when you start realizing how much you love and miss the people you already know... I really do miss seeing all you 7th word at Church, don't be strangers and stop by every ones in a while. Yeas and as you can see I have not pictures from the camp, Sad really,

But this last Wednesday Jim took a day off and we went to 7 Peacks with our kids, it was so much fun, Tasia really enjoyed the purple tube slide and all the other fun stuff as for AJ you can see he epent most of the time sleeping, I think he and Dad enjoyed the trip too:)

I miss this Canyon and the Park. This park is where I was falling in love with Jim 6 years ago. First time we met we played where with our freinds and now we bring our 2 kids here.