Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Summer to winter in a week

I am so grateful to have a minute to blog today! One crazy week down an eternity to go!
 This winter has been a nice one. Never in my life after Tasia's birthday we had a chance to play outside with rainbow balloons bear foot.

And then a couple of weeks later have a blizzard! AJ still thinks Christmas is coming! I have to keep reminding him : "In another year!

Today the snow was still on the ground so we hurried outside after school to go to the slide at least ones in a year.

Last week was crazy and fun. I sighed up Tasia for two things and they both had to happen on one Saturday. Since we are in the pursuit of saving money to go to Ukraine this year I did not put Tasia in dance at Gotta Dance as usual, she did not seem to care as long as I did not say the word "Dance". When it did come up she seemed so upset that she did not go so as soon as I saw the flier about Ballroom dance I quickly sighed her up.

Tasia's cute partner Colton. They did such a good job.

We are also very excited to announce that Jim is going to be working in a Chiropractic office doing Myofascial Release and massage upon request here in Saratoga Springs on Saturday mornings. We have been waiting and looking for a place for a while and now it is finally happening. Jim is very exited to offer an affordable prices to people who need his help and even a more affordable prices to ward members.

Jim has been working on writing articles on special condition that he treats. Here is his web site.

Before Jim started practicing MFR I had a friend who suffered from infertility. She spent a lot of money and nothing worked. We recommend trying MFR and she got pregnant after one treatment. It does not work the same for everyone but it is worth a try and it is far not as expensive as paying thousands for other fertility treatments.

Here is another article on fibromyalgia




Another article on TMJ's.




Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas at the Clark house

This Christmas was a great time for our family. Tasia learned the lessons from the last year and really got into the nativity. She was making her own nativity everywhere, especially in the bath she got creative. This girl amazes me every day with her new inversions.

This Christmas season was also great because my wonderful and the best in the world husband was the cook for the holidays. He cooked huge breakfast when we had Jim's family came over and after that he cooked - our Christmas dinner. It was to die for. Honey glazed ham, sweet potatoes and apples and stuffing. Everything was so good and I did not have to cook it.

We also had my friend Natasha stay with us for Christmas! We knew each other from back home. it was great to have someone to talk Russian to.

This is Tasia and AJ opening some percents on Christmas Eve morning from aunt Carolyn.

Kids have been so good this year that Santa stopped by before making the rounds and gave them some percents on Christmas Eve. They were so excited!

Tasia and AJ playing with nativity during the Christmas Story.

Santa brought some fruit and veggies for AJ to cook

a first computer for Quinn.

I should have put this picture first, that is a reaction of a one year old to Christmas Morning.

This Santa got happy when he was eating marshmallow peanuts.

Christmas mess

AJ in his new outfit from aunt Carolyn

Tasia with her soft bunny from Santa

At one point of the hassle and bustle of the preparations for Christmas i got a little carried away with frustration. I am glad that we have a family tradition of singing at the retirement home in Lehi, which made my frustrations disappear. There is something about service this season that makes a happy Christmas for everyone.