Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Weddings and a Dentist

I am so happy that it finally feels like summer. It makes all the difference for me. Another crazy week or two at our house. AJ managed to get his first house fire. I was folding laundry in his room, and all of a sudden I hear fire alarm. (thoughts going through my head, I am not cooking yet, what could it be). I look and see that something burning int he garbage can. Yep, AJ decided to burn the paper I told him to put in the recycling bin. We had a good chat about house and fires I don't think or hope that this won't happen again.

Another great thing happened last week. I had an opportunity to shoot a wedding. It was so much fun. I had a blast just being among the families of the bride and groom. It was amazing to see big families celebrating a wonderful event. Seeing young love took me back to 8 years ago when Jim and I were married, awesome times.After a great shoot like this I can do weddings any day...

I also went to the dentist and found out that I need to pay $10.000  to get all my problems fixed. Well, I think we can only afford some miner fraction of that price and then it is off to Ukraine for us to fix my teeth. I can probably get all of that done for $500 there and see my family. So something FUN can come out of this craziness.

Well, I better get back to my whiny cranky kids, I hope they get better soon, I am starting to go crazy in the house already. I don't like taking them out to play with anybody a lot when they have coughs and snots, but it sore is not fun sitting at home while it is nice and sunny outside.

I am glad I found some pics. This one is from trafalga. AJ's favorite ride- airplanes.





This is Quinn when he is happy. We haven't seen him smile in a while, he has been cutting 3 teeth on top. Poor kid is very miserable. But here he is happy so i will enjoy that for a little bit.



Tasting mashed potatoes



 And amongst everything else that was going on, I forgot to mention a very important Event in our life. Tasia got married to Bracken. She had a little ceremony made by herself. Sorry nobody else was invited, it was kind of a spear of the moment thing, even parents had no idea.








All in one day.

well, AJ got hooked too, i guess he did not wanted to be left out.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy Week-End

This week has been a busy one. On Thursday Tasia Graduated from Joy School. This fall we are going to be going to kindergarten. Yeay, Tasia is going to LOVE IT. 

 These are from Tasia's Dance recital a week ago, I am finally getting around to post it. Tasia did a wonderful job. We were so proud of her. I finally did some picture of her outside when we went on the walk yesterday.
Jim and kids also have been playing in our mud pit looking for tadpoles.




Jim and Tay
EM Sig Stamp Final Pink

 We also got a chance to be in Eagle Mountain parade with my Photography business. We ran put of candy before it ended, next time will know better.