Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Priceless Art

I was getting ready to go visiting teaching, always running late and in a hurry when Tasia made a Surprise for me. She got me out of the bathroom and said : " I have a surprise for you, close your eyes" I am thinking, probably out loud, " Can you hurry Up? Do I really have to close my eyes?, just give it to me quick, I still need to finish drying my hair" She gives me a peace of paper with a picture, I quickly glance at it, thank her and continue doing what I was doing. A couple of minutes later I look at it again and see this Priceless Peace of Artwork that only a 4 year old can Do- our family through her eyes, even our unborn baby is there. How often do I find myself in a hurry and don't notice the uniqueness of my kids and how spatial they are.

Not only Tasia surprises me with unique pieces of art but AJ also makes me breakfast in the morning. yeas a two year old who LOVES to COOK! I admit it sometimes gets to me every ones in a while when I have two chairs with kids next to my kitchen stove and no place for MOM stand when I cook, but it is so sweet to finally be dragged out of bed by a 2 year old who says : " Mom get up, bread, bread". I get up to see a couple of frying pans on the stove with bread crumbs in them and a piece of bread where I sit and another one where AJ sits.
The sweetest moment of the day. My two year old cooked me French Bread I assume.

Monday, July 12, 2010

4rth of July and More

I have not blogged for so long, life is just too crazy every day. So it is caching up time for us.

Cince I did 50 OFF sale I had a lot of Photography Appointments, which is usually  GOOD thing, except when people combine two discounts at a time and make this prego woman slave for pennies, then it is less Buisness but More Business in my life. So I told myself no more Sales until I am Done with this pregnancy!

The 4th of July was a fun time. We had lots of fun playing with our neighbors, sorry no pics. Thanks to Mayfields we had a fabulous time eating delicious BBQ'd chicken and Dutch Oven desserts. Hopefully my hubby ate enough of the yummy cooking and won't expect it from me.

Then we had a Ton of Fun at grandparent's.

AJ is in the little pool being tickled with the wooden snake

AJ is happy when he splashes others

Wades in the pool

But not so happy when others splash him or push him into the water (aunt Carolyn's job)

Cute cousin Sierra

Mom did not have time to do any 4th of July outfit shopping, good thing we have aunt Carolyn who often supplies us with some fun shirts. Thanks Carolyn.

Tasia's Shirt said : " Mom's little sweetheart"

Then we had a chance to go Feed ducks at the Wheeler Farms.

it is amazing how fast the pounds of bread is being fed to the ducks and seagulls

Tasia was surprised by the cold water.

Then We had a FUN Episode when AJ bunked himself on the corner of the bed frame and got a HUGE goose egg. I have never seen such a huge goose egg pop out of anybody;s head so fast.

Here are some from this Sunday: My Lilies on the front porch