Monday, September 21, 2009

Zoo Trip

Last Tuesday had a chance to go to the Zoo. It is nice when when Grandma has a Zoo Pass and we can go for FREE!!! This time we had so fun seeing baby animals. This is when Tasia and Sierra watching baby elephant play.

These two are so spoiled by their Grandma

Baby giraffe

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shower for Brooklyn

This week has been crazy busy, I finally get a chance to blog about it. We started the week with trying to get our car fixed for the hundredth time. It has been never ending roller coaster of problems, starting with all the things Jim had to fix to get it ready for emissions. The next day, when Jim drove it to work something fell out when he was closing the door. Good thing he figured it out on his own and fixed it. We took it to do it's inspections and the guy at the Jiffy Lube brakes the key, leaving half of it in the ignition. Another problem to add on top and another hundred dollar bill to pay to get it off.

Couple of days later the car's speedometer starts going crazy and it stopped driving. We have just about had it. The though of replacing the car's transmissions just put us in another shock. But Heavenly Father had a pitty on us and we only had to change a part of a transmission, instead of the whole thing, which was a blessing. By the end of all this car surprises we are pretty much broke, but that is OK, I guess all of this will make us stronger somewhere along the way:)

Now about more Fun things in Life like Joy, Babies, Friends and Parties....

I had fun teaching Joy School this week, we talked about eating healthy foods and just a little bit of sweets. I started watching myself and what I eat and noticed that I eat more then just a little treats through the day.

This Thursday My Friend Leah and I threw a Baby shower for our friend Katherine and her Baby Brooklyn soon to come. We had so much fun playing fun games and enjoying chocolate dipped fruit.

Katherine is focusing on making a hair flower for her Baby Brooklyn

My favorite picture, I hate my face in it, but everybody else looks cute:)

Daddy came home and took the kids from our hands. This is what happened to AJ. Notice it was not Mom who dressed him this way. Daddy says AJ handed him leggings and wanted him to put them on his legs, the rest followed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Camping Trip!!!

About 2-3 weeks ago our awesome neighbors The Mayfields invited us and The other awesome neighbors The Browns to go Camping at Bridger Lake. What a fun time we had relaxing, playing games and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Bridger Lake

It was fun to finally put our new 6 people tent into use. Here it is in it's full glory:)

I always feel like I need to bring an inflatable boat to have fun in the water. Unfortunately our boat only served as Tasia's Bed Boat to keep her away from sleeping with us.

First time we went to see this beautiful lake AJ kept on climbing up these rocks and going down over and over and Mom kept stressing over him falling and hurting himself, but that is not unusual around here.

Aj is a cute kid, but man, he was not easy to camp with. He has no fear of fire, falling, or grabbing the biggest knife there was.