Sunday, July 12, 2009

THE BEST camping trip ever!!!

So this Friday we have decided to go camping, FINALLY! It was in our plans last week but the weather interfered. Friday is the Day, we decided. We have a brand new Tent Jim got for Father's day last year we did not get a chance to use, because AJ was still a small baby. So there is was,,, Great plans, lots of preparation. I spent all day making food and getting everything we needed for the trip. Jim got home little earlier and we packed up the car. Tasia was so excited she could hardly stand herself, we were too. I love the outdoors.

On the way to the Canyon we stopped to get some more things in the store that we were missing. Kids were already getting pretty restless, but we were on OUR WAY!!! There was a huge line of cars waiting to get into the canyon, which got us little worried about the camping spot, so we decided to drive little further to the Silver lake and hike up there for a camp spot. You have to camp 1/2 mile away from the lake, which is a pain with kids, but we decided to do it. I had our chairs and Tasia, Jim carried AJ and our BRAND NEW TENT that we were so excited to use...(I know it is getting long and I have no pictures but bare with me, you will know why)...

We hiked up higher and higher in hopes to find a more flat spot for the tent, nothing really worked, but after about 20 minutes searching from one place into another, going through some thick shfubbery we decided on a spot. OK,,, here we are,,, By that time kids were getting very hungly and impasient, but we made it. We started unrolling our BRAND NEW 7 people tent and realized that The Brand NEW Tent did not have polls in it!!!!

I am trying very hard not to say this word but it is the time...

So we packed up our stuff, ate the dinner in the car(those of us who felt like it, which was just Tasia) and spent another 1,5 driving the dirt road back. Here was the story of the BEST Camping Trip EVER. I told muself that was the Last time I am ever going to go camping. But I find myslef sighning up for the Work Campu out at Church today,

PLEASEm somebody, remind us not to forget the polls again!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How we celebrated!

This last 4th of July week-end was just Great! We had our Daddy home on Friday- it was a happy day! We went and saw Ice Age 3-D. Tasia was thrilled. She loves 3-D Movies and sits there wearing her glasses through the whole movie. AJ was a good boy too, after a little bit of restfulness he gave up and went to sleepy land. (I have no idea how can a kid sleep through such loud movie, but he did and we were grateful). After a successful movie we went to ear Maggie Moose Ice cream, mmmm it was good!

On the 4th of July we did some yard work and headed off to Jim's Parents house for early dinner. Tasia is obsessed with Grandma's house. Every single day during prayers she asks Heavenly Father "so that we can go to Grandma's house". We love it that she loves it there, that way we don't have any regents when we leave our kids there... ha-ha,

This is our aunt Carolyn, she is one of those aunts that spoils our kids rotten.

Ok, when I posted this picture Jim said that the Popsicle on the right looks ike a band-aid and that he is gripping dirt. I said I will most definitely post this picture and proove it that it really does not look like it at all. I need all your comments on this one. Does it reallyt look like a Band-Aid??? Come On!!

After dinner aunt Carolyn helped Tasia make an American Flag. She did such a good job!

This shows that Tasia misses her ballet class. In ballet this is a Dog with the broken leg- it is an oversize.

Exclusevly for Russians and Ukrainians, just because I don't know the word. It won't make sence if I try to explain it in English.

AJ napomnil mne zaplu na etoi fotografii

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July !!!

To America!!! The Land of the Free! Even thought I find myself missing the Motherland-Ukraine and All my family there , I fell very blessed to live here is America. All my dreams of going to BYU, having a loving husband and beautiful children and family have come true here.