Friday, February 3, 2012

Photography business died out this winter giving me a chance to blog a lot! It is so funny how my mind works. When I get a  lot  of work I feel like I am doing something to help Jim provide for the family and it makes me feel good but, I also feel like I don't spent enough time with my kids when that happens so it also makes me feel sad. When I don't have a lot of work, like now, I tend to feel like I don't have any creative outlet and what I am not doing anything so I make free work for myself, like taking a million of pictures of kids that I babysit and then  spent all my free time editing them. So at the end I feel like I have accomplished something, but also complain about the time I did not spent doing something for myself. It is a constant battle that is going on in my head trying to find balance in my life. Anybody else struggles like me or am I the the crazy one?

This is Tasia being Tasia. Right after her birthday party she was using her make up and nail polish.

Anyways, kids are playing with Jim so I wanted to post something. We have been excited about Valentine's day recently. I did a lesson during FHE about service and how we show love to others when we serve. I cut some hearts out of the scrapbook paper and told the kids that every time they did a service for any member of the family they would have a chance to leave a heart at that person's bed where they would see it. They were so excited. Tasia started picking up AJ toys in his messy room and making his bed. AJ followed and tried doing the same. I was in SHOCK! This is my kids we are talking about. I pretty much have to bribe them for every toy they clean up. But the miracle had happened and they became my serving angels. Next day Tasia started washing dishes and making my bed while I was still sleeping in it. What a difference it makes when something is not a chore but a game.

This week we also had an exciting field trip at the Fire station! Kids had so much fun exploring!
It is amazing  the difference one year makes. I remember AJ at the fire station last year. He was so shy he pretty much hid behind me the whole time.

The whole gang!

Looks like next week is going to be little crazy so we will say now- Happy Valentine's Day!

I did some of Just AJ valentines for family! He cooperated the best on the picture day:)