Monday, June 14, 2010

On a rainy Day

I can't believe it rained all week-end, no yard work has been accomplished! BUT I have been organizing my house like crazy!!! I have visited the house of a friend of mine and it is her fault now that I just can't stop organizing. Well, even after 2 day worth of it it still look nothing like Mindy Horton's house(sorry for disclosing your identity but everyone should know that she has the most organized house that I have seen). And, yes, she said she cleaned it before we came(to make us feel better), but you just can't organize your house from chaos to perfection before someone comes, it must have been that way before. That is enough about cleaning. This week-end as soon as it started to show some sun (that was for a couple of minutes) I wanted to go see some new places to do photography at. And I found it, I have heard of it before and saw a lot of people with cameras there. I love the color that it brings out

I thought this door was the coolest thing and look at that texture

Tasia was meant to be born to a photographer Mom, I can't wish for anything better with that perfect little face (well, except when she chops her hair off).

This place looks like you are somewhere in Ireland and no one knows that you are just next to the other bright wall.

I love this one of AJ. He finally smiled.

Blue eyes go well with blue walls

My seriousness

more of it

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eagle Mountain Baby Contest winners....

During our Pony Express Days, we had a lot going on in our neighborhood. Parade, outside movies, races and Eagle Mountain Baby contest. Unfortunately the judges for the baby contest were sick or blinded (Other EM Moms will agree and comment to support me) that they absolutely missed the cutest babies in town. I have seen many that did not got chosen, so, after those blind judges got fired these are two winners of the 1 year old Baby Contest!!! Congrats Miss L. and Miss A.




Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Time-Pool Time

I have been waiting for summer for so LONG! I am glad it is here. it is so much fun to have pool parties, camping trips and Popsicles, I Love Popsicles.

Last week my friend Leah had a Pool party in her backyard!!! We had a pool there, but most of the kids were playing on the inflatable slide.

This is when Audra must have been pinching my child, No AJ was just too scared

Same Audra with Happy Child- her own

Audra with another child

Cute Love!!!

Caden was doing some amazing tricks on that slide

I love J. cute chubby body and that grin

What a cute little boy

Oh, Precious Kisses

Kinners going down

This one is Favorite, I am going to put it on my Photo Blog.

"Little Diva"

Excited Tasia

Cute Tasia

Shocked Tasia

Adventurous Tasia

Happy Tasia

We had so much FUN!!! Thanks Leah and Audra for being a personal body guard for kids.

P.S. And all those who want pictures from he Pool Party, bring your own CD (I am quickly running out of my stash) and I will copy them.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I am so greatful.....

for sleepless children at 1-30 am in the morning..... 

Not every day, Just Last Night

it had to be one of those crazy days when kids were wild and crazy from the morning till night, they refused to take naps and drove me bananas all day long. It got worse before bed with all the tantrums and meltdowns of restless children that got me wondering how I can handle three in the next little while. They were finally in beds when at 1-30 am Tasia comes into our bed. I let that one slide and went back to sleep. In a couple of minutes AJ walks in I thought :"You have got to be kidding me" no rest in the day or night.

I woke up Jim to get them back into their beds and while still sleeping thought a heard something unusual outside through our open bedroom window. The sound got louder and louder and when Jim came back we realized that we are in trouble. Just as AJ woke us up one of the main lines of the sprinkler system has busted and the water was gushing into our window well in the basement. While going to turn the water off Jim sent me to the basement. Right, the scariest part was left for an impressionable prego wife . I came downstairs with the thoughts of walking in the basement full of water. To my surprise it was dry. The window well just barely started to fill. It must have been minutes since it broke. AJ woke us up at the right moment to save ourselves from he disastrous morning.
As we laid in bed Thanking Heavenly Father the thoughts that were going through our minds :
"Was it LUCK?"- Oh no, it was definitely Heavenly Father's Hand looking after us for which we are so Grateful!!!

Tasia is playing Mom and AJ is actually looks like he would go down for a nap, but we all know that it is all a BIG PRETEND GAME!!! Don't fall for it!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trip to the ZOO and beyond

If from the header of the post you are expecting to see any animals, you will be greatly disseminated. The only monkeys that will appear on this blog are my own. (Don't tell anyone but I hate taking pictures of animals at the zoo, never been a big fan).
Last Monday was just a blast.... We loved spending more time with our Dad, it is just what we needed.

Some of us have been at the Zoo pretty regularly and we decided to avoid the Stinky snake house, that is where AJ's photo shoot begun

Daddy Love

Cute Cousins!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Genuine Healing

The time is coming close for my husband Jim to be done with some school. July 20 is the last day. Yeah, BABY!!! Jim is very excited to be able to practice what he loves the most and help people in more healthy ways then our today medicine. Most of you have asked me What is it that Jim is going to be doing and did not really get any GOOD answers, since I am not very good at explaining in any complex medical  and more understanding terms like Jim. All I can say is what I hear from Jim. I am so happy that he found the way he wants to help people.
A couple of month ago, I was going to blog about this, but never did, Jim was so excited to tell me that he got a chance to practice Myofacial Release on some patients that came for a massage at Healing Mountain school where Jim does his practicums. When some of those people explain their problems Jim suggested to try Myofacial Release, all of them walked away not only feeling a whole lot better, but they also got to book Jim(while still a student) a couple weeks in advance at the Massage School. Quickly the word got passed around and Jim was booking sessions of Myofacial Release with the Massage Therapists themselves, that teach in the school. They said that he was the most progressive student that they have had in the school and now he will be working there for pay after he is done with his practicums hours. It have been (still 2 month to go) an interesting 5 month of schooling and crazy days in our lives, but I am glad we stuck to What we have been inspired to do. In July, right after Jim graduates he will be getting his Massage Therapist License, which will allow him to practice Different Kids of Massage and Most importantly Myofacial Release.

  Jim has been working hard to create his own Web Site where he explains What Miofacial Release is and WHY it is more helpful then the DRUGS. (But I still Jim himself can explain in better then he can write bout it)

This week end we got a one in the last 5 month time to spent with Daddy and Family. We had so much fun just hanging put at the zoo and enjoying a day OFF.