Monday, February 22, 2010

Party Time for AJ

It's Party Time for my kids, when I am trying to work on the computer. Well I don't complain, at least they are keeping themselves busy. They play well, then they hit each other, then make up by kissing each other better. That is a cycle of life of siblings I guess.

AJ unloaded the dishwasher and set up for a party!

After hitting Tasia he likes to Kiss it Better, it is quite cute!

I have been so lazy on doing any posts.

It has been a little more relaxed around here lately. I think we are getting used to new changes and that is a good thing.

Some good news:

1.Jim does not start his clinical untol March, so we have some time to have him for ourselves. yeah!!!

2. Jim got his school schedule and he will be done in July 9 instead of August. That was the most exciting news i needed to hear.

Since my Mom will be here sometime in July we hoped to have some time to show her more parts of Utah (Like Zion's Park) that she has never seen. I was worried that we won't be able to do anything before the baby because of school schedule but now it looks like it might work out!
This makes me so happy!!!

3. We are going to go on a LONG Road trip to Texas, for Jim's seminar. We are a little scared and excited at the same time. And yes the kids are coming. I have some friends in Texas that we are going to stay at. And who knows me, I just love traveling and seeing new places. I have never been to Texas, I have only heard that it is worm there in march, so the change of scenery will be exciting.

We have had a couple of more or less relaxing week-ends. Last week-end I did not have any sessions, but we had time for family!!! We went to the Lehi Pool. Kids had so much fun, including the adults. There is something about water and me, I am happy in it. Tasia found instant friends in a second. AJ was a little afraid, he was pretty much holding on to ether Jim's or my body. Only after about an hour he relaxed and started having fun.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What has been new...

... Well, the first part of the long 7 month journey has just started and we already want it to be over. I knew it was going to be hard, but when you are faced with all the things you have to go through it sometimes seems unbearable.

Jim has started his course work in Massage Therapy and he has learned to like it. It was something to get used to. Well shortly speaking Jim almost quit after the first day of massage on real people. I got a call from Jim and he did not sound that happy. He basically said "I think it is not for me".
Well, it was a time for me to encourage him not to give it up and stick with it. Some other things weren't working out as well .

1. Jim's sub at work (a new intern who was supposed to help with the workload) was not very devoted to her job and was just plain lazy. She got fired on only her third day at work and Jim was feeling bad every time he had to leave for school and was once again in search for a new MA.

2. Both of our cars have some problems that could result in not having a car. Plus today, somebody broke in into Jim's Explorer, broke the window and stole the only thing that was worth money, Jim's years ago Birthday percent Radio and a CD player.

3. Jim was not very excited about having to find a second job. Now we just found out that they have work clinics at school as part of the curriculum that will take up about 4 hours twice a week. So it looks like the other 3 nights that we have left we won't see our Dad at all. We are really NOT looking forward to all of this. And it does feels like you are going though a refiner's fire after you get an answer to do something. Gosh, I really DO HOPE that something good will come out of ALL of this in 7 months. But for NOW We just need to SURVIVE!!!

Well enough of pity talk now the THINGS that Make me HAPPY:

1.Believe it or not my children (most of the time they are a Pain) pnce in a while suprize me by saying somthing like "Mom, I love you so much" and sometimes before bed AJ will give me some of his priceless kisses and cuddles while I rock him to sleep. Their love reminds me why we do all these things in the first place.

2.My friends that brighten up my day every day.

3. Daydreaming about Spring and Summer and all the fun we can do outside.

4. The baby kicks every once in a while

5. Walks in the park whenever sun shines

There are a lot more things that I should be grateful for rather then whining about.

And Happy Valentine's Day to all.