Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

Today our neighbor and friend threw a fabulous Halloween Party for little ones this year. Tasia helped me make some candy apples.

Kids had ton of fun decorating the cupcakes.

Our cute neighbor McKinley

Tasia and her Joy School friend Natalie who was dressed up as a Barbie Witch

There in the back was AJ- he was a Bee. He threw quite a fit when we tired to put that custume on him but as soon as I showed him to himself int he mirror he seemed to like it.

Tasia's Masterpiece

Caden the Batmen.

We had another Ladybug, cutest little baby Alexis

In line to hit the Pinatas

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I guess this month like any another month has been extremely busy, week after week. Last week Joy School had a field trip to Cornbelly's . WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! Group rates ROCK, let me tell you for only $7 Tasia, AJ and I had a blast on jumping pillows, awesome playground equipment that consisted of different types of slides, corn mazes for kids and adults, tire swings, and chicken shows. I think I loved it more then my kids. I love seeing my kids having fun and enjoying life in it's fullest.

Tasia's Black eye was getting blacker every day after the tripped over my foot and landed on her cousin Sierra, which in the end gave her just enough height to hit the corner of the coffee table. From a distance it looks like eye make up, we should have just did the other eye with bluish eye shadow:)

Joy school group with some extras:)

For some dumb reason I can not find the rest of the pictures from this trip, I might need to do an extentipn of the post after I find them.

Days of Our Life

This was Jim's Birthday and my failed attempt of making him a Birthday cake with a snowboard. Failed misserobly!!!! Well, I tried, next time I need to consult more professional Mom's who are better at it, because I SUCK.

Well, Tasia will make a cute snowboarder girl. Maybe she will be better at snowboarding then me, I hope.

I thought AJ looked cute like a little innocent birdy, he still has no idea what this stick with clip on boots does anyways.

Well, not that innocent, that is what he looked like at lunch. EVERY meal time I have to clean up something like this or WORSE!!! I basically have to mop the floors 3 time a day, after Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, when is it going to stop? just lie to me, please!!!

Day at the Park

After we clean up our messes and Mom is DONE with AJ's screams, we go to the park to unwind and play.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Lens

Little bit more of our life: or Endless Memories Photography. As some of you may know I started my photography buisness this year. It has been a new adventure for me and my family. Last Christmas Jim surprised me with the Nikon SLR camera. It has oped a new world of opportunities and FUN. Couple of months later we splurges on a nice 85 mm portrait lens which I LOVE. It is the BEST for portraits which I do, but recently I have been requested to take a lot of big Big and Small family portraits and my great lens was just not close enough. I had rented but I feel like it is like throwing away money. We have shopped around , but I feel like I am stuck at home in Far away Eagle Mountain and I have to get kids lunches and everything else ready and have extra 2-3 hours just to go to the store. Good thing I have a Wonderful husband who supports me in doing what i LOVE TO DO, EVEN THOUGH he losses his wife to photography every ones in a while. To make long story short, Jim brought 17-50 mm wide angle telephoto lens. I was so excited, I could hardly stand myself. We worked out a payment plan so hopefully I will get enough buisness in the next couple of month so that we can pay it off and not have to pay interest. I am so excited. I am headed to Sundance with my neighbors for their family photo shoot and will see how this baby works.

Here is a picture I took of AJ with his favorite food Corn on the cob.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It has been so Long

Life has been happening and I feel like I am running from one place to another. But I know I like to be busy, I guess sometimes you get what you wish for, it is when you realize that that is what you wanted you do not wish for it any more. But I should stop complaining.

This last week-end we had a chance to go to Sundance and enjoy the beauty. Kids had fun playing outdoors. Tasia kept saying :" Are we going to set up a Tent?", we had to disappoint her that we were there just for the day.

We have also been busy with the yard
work this fall. Since Jim is not in school this semester, I put him to some manual work. He hated it at first, but now he started putting his mind to it and it is not as bad. Jim has been working hard on our sprinkler system but it is hopeless and we decided to berry it and water it different way. Jim came up with a great plan to hook up impact heads to our sprinkler line and water it that way. it is not perfect, but I guess will see how that grass will come.

Jim had a great idea of putting AJ into this tree stump. He could not get out fast and gave me a chance to get some pics of him.

Tasia had a runny nose and chopped lips plus she kept biting on her lips which made it even worse. Well here it looks like I put some nice red lipstick on her...

Today we went to check out the Amphitheater in AF for my photo shoots. Here are some pics from there.
Don't mind Tasia's Little Deva attitude, she was not up for smiles .

We also straightened our her hair. That was a first. I hesitated all these years, but it looked so cute on her.