Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joy School Graduation!

Last Tuesday Tasia had her Preschool Graduation Ceremony. Tasia was not technically supposed to be in this class. We got an early start when one of the students moved out and we got a spot. Tasia was excited about every school day, she loved bringing home her Art and learning the FUN way.

This when Joy School students had their little procession. Tasia was extremely shy.

They make their books with kids footprints, hand prints, interviews and drawings.

Tasia's friend Isabelle.

Tasia's good buddy Caden.

And Now, Tasia's Boyfriend- Miles. Isn't he cute? I should say handsome. He is also a geniouse. He probably spells better then I do (honestly). He calls Tasia his girl and soon he will give her a ride on his motorsicle, he said.

These were the shurts and Miles's Mom made wit kids.

Kids partying after the Graduation.

Day at the Zoo

This is the picture of AJ and the fox. He loved looking at it and tapping at the window. It was AJ's first time when he interracted with the animals.

The usual picture on the tigers.

Andrew enjoys beating every onece in a while, so Jim and his Dad take turns. As you can see from this pocture, he does not mind:)

This is Andrew before the beating, not so happy

Tasia and Sierra visiting Madagascar exibit. All the animals were sleeping, must be night time in Madagascar.

We all got a chance to see a Rhino pee. It was hard to miss, it lasted for about 5 minutes. It got to be a little grose when the other rihno came and started drinking the urine.

As you can see kids and parents were getting tired. it is almost time to head home.

I guess not too tired to play at the play ground though.

These two princesses so did not want to go home. Mike had to hold them so that they would not run away.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family trip to AF Canyon

This last week our daddy took some days off work to spent time with the family. We had so much fun having him around helping with yard work and having fun. Our favourite thing to do in the summer is to go play in the American Fork Canyon. This time we just went on a little hike. Daddy's future Father's Day percent (backpacks) payed off already.

Finally some pictures of me for my Mom. She often complains that she does not see me.

Jim's favorite thing to do by the lake, besides fishing, is throwing pebbles and making them skip.

All AJ wanted to do is practice his walking. He is doing so well.

All Mom wanted to do is Take Pictures, can't you tell?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Tasia: " The fish is ripped, the fish is ripped. Look Mom, I show you the fish is ripped".
Mom: "Do you mean this long thing that is hanging out from his bum?"
Tasia: "Yeah, that"
Mom: " Tasia, the fish is pooping, it is not ripped"
Tasia: " Oh, I know what the fish is pooping about".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dirt, Popsicles and all that summer Fun

I was planting my summer flowers when the Kids wanted to help. AJ's first real experience in the dirt. He loved splashing around in it. Usually with the appearance of a little dirt I would hurry up and wash him off,(like My Mom thought me), but I grabbed the camera and let AJ have his fun being a REAL BOY.

After we had our fun, I asked Tasia to spray AJ's feet with water. Poor guy got a full cold shower. He was not too happy about that.

The fun with Popsicle happened before the MUD!