Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Fun

Today we did not have to go to work and it is the great time to spent together as a family and catch up on some things in our house.

My wonderful husband gave me a chance to sleep in a little today and I was so grateful. Jim took the kids, who usually wake me up and made them pancakes, while Mom continued in her slumber(how sweet of him).
Now we are having a very relaxing morning. Jim and kids are playing Mario Party and Mom is blogging.

After all the fun it is time for Jim to catch up on some homework, take some time to work more on setting up my studio and just be together.

I just love Saturdays like this

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It feels like Spring

Today was a very happy and the most productive day I have had in a long time. It started out with a sunshine outside and a positive attitude.
Then teaching Joy School. I absolutely Love teaching this class. I hope Joy School is as much fun for the kids I teach as it is for me. This time we were trying to be spontaneous and silly. Like those kids need to be taught in that area:) They definitely taught me how to have fun and play. It seemed like there was not enough time to to be silly and Happy. Then, we decided to go for a walk, since the weather decided to give a percent of a spring day for us today. Going on a walk made me even more excited about Spring and Summer. I felt like I can do so much if only it is a little bit warmer outside. Kids had a blast riding bikes and having fun. At the lunch time were literally passed put for naps. Everyone except Tasia. She had a hard time sleeping while Mom had so much fun sweeping out the garage and cleaning and washing the car from the inside out.(it was a mess, I usually like to keep my car clean, but who in the right mind will do that is a freezing garage?) Sp Tasia and I washed our car spotless. It feels good to have it clean again.
Since it was such a fun day, I had to get some friends out too. Katherine and her kids came over and we played again. Now, time to clean inside the house. The floors and dishes are done, time for folding laundry. Kids are so existed after all the outings, hopefully they will be in bed by 8 pm. What a wonderful day. I really hope to have more of them this Spring and Summer.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's day in the CLark Family

Jim and kids living in the moment, even though we had the busiest Valentine's Day Ever we had lots of fun.
Thanks to our Mom Susan, Jim and Olya went to see 'Mall Cop' in the theaters and spent the rest of the Day with the family.

Daddy and AJ.

I got this outfit for AJ for his birthday(it was a legitimate reason) but I just couldn't wait two more month to try it on.

Dad was not patient at all, he gave me 5 min to do the shots and he was gone.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is a LUCKY YOU post!
I am going to make something for the first 4 people who will comment on this post.
So hurry up and comment,and then do a Lucky you post on your blog

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Little Family

Finally, with lots of help(thank you Katherine) we managed to create our Clark Family Blog. Ta-Da!

Our Family has been doing really well. We have been abundantly blessed in many ways.
First with our sweet daughter Anastasia. She turned three shortly after Christmas and now joined Joy school(preschool) and Ballet.
Every week Tasia can't wait to learn and play with her friends in Joy School. She absolutely loves going to Ballet,Jazz and Tumbling. Tasia learned her first and second positions in ballet, and figured out how to stand on her head in Tumbling .

Second,with our second Child AJ (Alexander James). He makes us laugh with his big smile and now 4 teeth.
He just barely started to crawl(after being so close for months). He says Da-da and makes all sorts of cute and very loud noises. He loves to dance and play with his favorite big sister.

As for parents, Jim is being busy as can be with full time school and work. He still manages to find time for his family though. He can't wait to be done with school, I guess he should learn to be patient because it won't happen for a while.
Olya is happy to stay at home with her kids, most of the time.

Two of them keep her extremely busy, but that is how she likes it

She enjoys photography and working on setting up a photo studio and run small buisness.